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<% answer=Request.QueryString("answer") if answer="error" then response.write "ERROR. Probably you did not fill in correct information.
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" end if if answer="ok" then response.write "BOOKING CONFIRMATION
Hej, " & Request.QueryString("name") & "
Du har bokat ett personligt gig pass till:
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För att betala, sätt in summan på:
Nordea, konto: 700429-7250.

Skriv ditt personnummer i meddelandet så får du en bekräftelse. Ditt ID-kort gäller sedan som biljett i entrén.

PAYMENT: If you are transfering money from a non swedish bank, mail to info@swedishshowcase.com for more information

" end if %>
Tickets to Front 242  9 feb, Front 242 - Malmö, Debaser

10 feb, Front 242 - Stockholm, Dieselverkstaden

SWEDISH SHOWCASE is a music organisation that works with PR and LIVE PRODUCTION. We have a focus on Eastern Europe. We have made almost 1000 shows in over ten countries.

We are also a BOOKING AGENCY for selected artists

Recently we have started to act as a PROMOTER in Stockholm, Sweden.

Get in touch by info [the symbol] swedishshowcase [the dot ] com
Bondegatan 45
11633 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 733468100